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During the past season, iOnCourt was used to track live matches at a number of different events, including high school and college tournaments, as well as competitive tennis leagues all over North America.  

The coaches who used our app were able to create and exchange lineups using templates specifically designed for their leagues. They could also assign different trackers for each match (check out our previous blog post for more info!), as well as share links of the matches via QR Code or a number of other sharing options including Messages, Mail, Facebook, Airdrop, WhatsApp, Viber, and others. The match-sharing option, specifically, has helped those who were not able to attend matches in person stay up-to-date with results by following live scores on their cell phones, computers, or tablets.  

This blog post will focus on the events that used iOnCourt over the last season and the ways our app helped them improve their match-tracking experiences.  Here we go!

Next Gen Tennis League (NGTL) 

NGTL is a Canadian tennis league based on the UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) which allows players to compete in competitive matches and improve their rating. Six different teams (with 13-15 players in each team) have been competing by using standard college format. iOnCourt helped the league gain more exposure and more opportunities to promote their sponsors since each team match was viewed 1000 times on average. The fans who were not able to attend the matches in person due to COVID-19 restrictions were also able to follow live match scores on their cell phones, computers, or tablets and support their players. Here is what NGTL League Director, Yves Boulais, said about using iOnCourt for tracking live matches:

One secret weapon that made the Next Gen Tennis League so successful is the iOnCourt app. Our fans are able to follow live score on their phones. Also, coaches can create their lineups and setup their matches saving us a great deal of time. The iOnCourt management are tennis people which makes it easy to get things done. Go iOnCourt!!!

Yves Boulais (Next Gen Tennis League Director)

Texas State High School Playoffs  

In collaboration with ITA (Intercollegiate Tennis Association) and TTCA (Texas Tennis Coaches Association), we started a pilot program to see how iOnCourt will work in a high school setting. Texas State High School Playoffs took place in October and November of 2020. Initially, we started with six schools during the regular season (October 2020), but our partnership organically grew into iOnCourt being used for live scoring for Texas High School Championship Final 8 tournament (November 2020). A total of 39 high school teams used iOnCourt and during the final day of the tournament our app had a whopping 11.500 visits!

iOnCourt enabled family members and fans who were not able to follow the matches in person, do so remotely, which is what Texas Tennis Coaches Association Executive Director, Robert J Kleinecke highlighted in his feedback on using iOnCourt for Texas State High School Playoffs:

iOnCourt added a spark to the UIL Team Tennis State Playoffs by giving the opportunity for family, fans, and other TTCA coaches to engage in the matches without actually being in attendance.  I heard that during the 4A State Title match, the teachers at Hereford HS were broadcasting the matches live during classes. With the team score 8-7 and 3 of the matches in 3rd set tiebreaks, it was so intense, you felt the pressure at the site and online. Fans and players will never forget that experience and those online owe it all to iOnCourt!

Robert J Kleinecke – Texas Tennis Coaches Association Executive Director

This year, individual Texas High School Championship Tournament will take place on May 21-22nd and we are looking forward to providing live scores for all the matches played on 54 courts, across three different sites. 

Patriot League 2021

iOnCourt was also used to track the final match of 2021 Patriot League Men’s Tennis Championship between Navy and Army West Point, as well as all the matches of 2021 Patriot League Women’s Tennis Championship, concluding with the final match between Boston University and Navy. During the women’s championship weekend (Friday April 30 – May 2), we registered around 9000 visits! This was the first time that the Patriot League Tennis Championship had live score as an option for their conference tournament and we are extremely proud to have been a part of it!

Here is what Assistant Coach of Navy Women’s Tennis, Alessandra Pedergnana, said about the benefits of using our app:

Using iOnCourt was great for our Patriot League Championships for Women’s Tennis. The amount of people who followed along for each match were so grateful that we had live stats. It was incredible! I highly recommend using iOnCourt for any tournaments or matches being played. It helps grow the game and helps anyone who cannot be there in person to stay updated with match results. I look forward to using it next season and beyond.

Alessandra Pedergnana – Assistant Coach Navy Women’s Tennis


We have been extremely grateful to be part of these events and help coaches, players and their family members and friends, improve their match-tracking experiences. The numerous challenges the world of tennis has experienced during the previous year have motivated us to work even harder on providing our users with easier and simple way to stay updated with their players and their matches, especially when they are unable to attend the matches in person. The ability to create and exchange lineups, to assign different trackers for each match, and to share links for the matches that are being tracked, were crucial for the coaches who used iOnCourt to track live scores during their events. The parents, family members, and fans were able to stay updated with live match results by following them on their phones, tablets, or computers.

We are looking forward to many more tennis events and partnerships in the future! If you are interested in using iOnCourt to track live scores for your events, you can download the app (App Store and Google Play) and start using it on your own, or you can reach out to us via email at

Happy match tracking!